About you

We’d love to find out more about you.

You could work in the commercial sector or the not-for-profit sector: we work with both and offer value from the transference of learning between sectors.

You could be a long-established organisation or a start-up: we work with organisations at different stages of growth and of all sizes.

Your job title might be among the following: CEO, head of department, brand manager, marketing director, head of communication, research executive.

You may be asking one or more of the following questions:

  • How do we differentiate ourselves in a crowded market for least resistance and maximum gain?
  • What is our core brand (brand character, personality and tone of voice)? And how do we build brand relationships that make sense to us and our customers?
  • What do our customers like and dislike about us? What could we change to make our customers truly delighted? And just how sensitive are our customers to price increases?
  • What is the working environment actually like for our employees?
  • What do our supporters feel passionately about (if you are a charity)?
  • What’s happening that could have a big impact on us and what do we need to plan for?
  • How can we run our event to meet our objectives and make it engaging?
  • What’s the best meeting structure to progress this difficult issue with my team?
  • How can I make the maximum impact in my role?

Whatever questions you have, contact us to tell us about yourself and discuss your requirements.