About us

Founded in 1995, Accompli has a research and management consultancy portfolio, driven by demand for these services from our clients. Our portfolio contains the services we do best. These are areas where we excel or, put another way, where we are accomplished.

We are based in Cheltenham in South West England; our clients are wide spread.

Our values

  • Integrity: we keep to our word.
  • Respect: we actively listen.
  • Trustworthy: we deliver.

Who we are

Sara Shailer

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Sara has an impressive track record of high-quality delivery both in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. She works in Accompli on marketing strategy and research projects as well as facilitation. One of the company founders in 1995, Sara fosters a curiosity that enables her to seek innovative solutions. She has an MBA from Warwick University and is PRINCE2 qualified.

Dave Shailer

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With a background in data and systems analysis within the financial and education sectors, Dave uses his analytical and creative skills to deliver results that make a difference. He works in Accompli on marketing strategy and research projects using his database, SQL and Excel expertise to find patterns that support intelligent decision making. He has a BSc Business Operations and Control from Salford University.